Most influential people in Ukrainian IT industry: Yevgen Sysoyev

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By Olga Karpenko, April 25

Transaltion of the article appeared at AIN.UA

Yesterday at the conference of iForum, Denis Dovgopoliy, Managing Director of BVU Group, announced the list of the most influential people in Ukrainian technological business and venture investments in 2013. Compared to the last year, venture investor Yevgen Sysoyev progressed in his position from the 5th to the 1st place, leaving behind Alexandr Olshansky and Viktoriya Tigipko.

This year the ranking was composed in the following manner: BVU Group asked 23 experts to give a list of people who, in their eyes, influenced the market the most. Top-5 people in the list were assigned 4 points each, all the rest – 1 point. The winners were determined by adding up the points.

Here is how the ranking looks like (5th position was shared by two nominees):

1. Yevgen Sysoyev

Managing Partner of AVentures Capital

Yevgen’s fund completed a lot of hot deals last year, including investments in CheckiO, nuPSYS, Augmented Pixels, and continues investing throughout this year, even when many other funds paused their investment activities (the fund has announced 3 deals since the beginning of 2014). Furthermore, Yevgen contributes a lot of time to the analysis of the venture market in Ukraine. His report on the Ukrainian IT-universe was one of the most interesting during the last week of IDCEE. Also, he is one of the founders of the project “Innovative Ukraine”, which is aimed to educate the new government on how to help the Ukrainian IT industry and what Ukrainian IT-specialists can do for the government.


2. Viktoriya Tigipko

Managing Director of TA Venture, IDCEE organizer

Vitoria has been organizing IDCEE (, the largest startup conference in Ukraine, for the last several years. Investors and entrepreneurs from Ukraine, Europe, Asia and US come to participate in this event. Even though the conference was at risk of putting under boycott this year due the actions of Sergey Tigipko, the conference will still take place.  As Denis Dovgopoliy, who started this conference in 2007 (he is currently not taking part in it), from BVU Group explained, “In spite of the fact that there is a lot of lie in the letter, there is no other event in Ukraine which attracts so many guests from Europe and US, therefore it would be a big loss for Ukraine and the market as a whole to sabotage it.”


3. Alexandr Olshansky

President of “Internet Invest”

Alexandr, who has been in internet business since 1999, is probably one of the most active participants of UAnet. Today he manages the holding “Internet Invest” which includes the largest domain registrar Imena.Ua, hosting provider “Mirohost” and internet marketing agency “Olshansky and partners”. Starting from 2009, he has been organizing iForum, the largest conference of UAnet. According to unofficial information, more than 5,000 people participated in iForum conference yesterday.


4. Andrey Kolodyuk

Divan.TV founder, Managing Partner of AVentures Capital

This is the first time when two representatives of one company were included in the ranking. Andrey is both an investor and an entrepreneur. His multimedia service Divan.TV has more than 125,000 users and last year it expanded to the international market with the potential of 300 mln users. Recently AIN.UA published Andrey’ article about different types of investors a startup can face.


5. Yuriy Chaika

MoneXy co-founder

Yuriy is one of the most active investors on the Ukrainian market in addition to his large entrepreneurship experience. He pioneered the electronic payments in Ukraine and founded his first company 20 years back. He believes that “one day cash will seize to exist and all payments will be virtual”.


5. Olga Belkova

Member of the Parliament

Olga is probably the first representative of the startup market and venture investments in the Parliament. She had been a partner of EastLabs incubator before she was elected as an MP. In the Parliament, she is lobbying the interest of interest business. Thus, last year a draft law on e-commerce was registered in the Parliament, which can significantly ease the life of Ukrainian e-commerce.

As a reminder, Victoria Tihipko (23 points from experts), Yegor Anchishkin (17 points), Evelin Buchatsky (12 points), Alexandr Olshansky (11 points) and Yevgeniy Sysoyev (10 points) topped the ranking in 2013.


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