Global Venture Ocean Underwater


Hasn’t brain, but there are already 24 eyes throughout the body. Stared by the entrepreneurs openly, all eyes. There are stinging cells containing poison and it often dangerous for founders, sometimes even fatal for startups. Jellyfishes is angels-investors who have nothing but money and doesn’t create a value-added companies.
Such investors gnobit more, instead creating companies value. Usually ask something as collateral for money


Turtles don’t change in appearance since dinosaurs of modern business. There are two subspecies:
a)     strategists and chance that they will help you and invest into your startup is very small, but they can give feedback according your niche;

b)       non-professional investors, sometimes make investment in IT, they are slowly, and not hurrying to take risks and invest.


Blood is the main instigator for sharks to attack. One drop of blood on the thousands liters of water allow them scent the victim. Due to shark’s aggressive nature sometimes referred as “gangsters shark”. They want a big part of your business, and often wait when you start to sink to buy you startup more cheaply at a low estimate. Sharks, under the guise of protecting their interests, will be legally possible “pressing” you – including possibility of suspension from operating activities.


Such a terrible and bloodthirsty predator like a shark, terrified at the sight of the dolphins and trying to get away. Dolphins gregarious mammals that, in addition, quite clever. Seeing aggressively shark, they immediately attacked the predator by whole flock, leaving no chance for shark to rescue. Even one dolphin can inflict a fatal blow to shark by its powerful nose and a fairly strong frontal part. Dolphins are protecting fiercely. Causing one hit, continue to attack the predator as long as do not kill it. If shark is lucky, it has time to swim away. If near to prey sharks circling flock of dolphins, even a very hungry shark prefers to sail away than to engage in battle.

Aimed to find out how they can help entrepreneurs and help you, regardless will be concluded transaction or not. Always takes only a minority stake (5-30%).