Investor relations

You invest while we do all the hard work
On average, venture funds reviews thousands projects a year and invest in less than 1% of those projects. Why? 99% projects fail. And it is our job, to do all the hard work on developing right criteria, having up-to-date market & technology knowledge, selecting and executing deals.
We partner up with top-tier IT entrepreneurs and world’s leading venture capital funds to build a global business. You invest while we do all the hard work.
Private or institutional investors that are interested to enquire about participation in AVentures Capital venture fund, please contact fund’s managers at

For start-ups

You, The Entrepreneur: Get in Touch
We believe that in our part of the world, the key ingredient to the value creation is entrepreneurial talent. Visionary, passionate and experienced entrepreneurs – you are wanted. You can call us your “venture assistants”, as we are committed to work hands-on on the venture to make it happen. Also, we will do our best to bring on board experienced & active advisory board members, entrepreneurs-in-residence and follow-on capital from top-tier international venture capital funds. Together we will win.
AVentures Capital team strongly believes in a “win-win” approach and is committed to educate & develop local start up community. While evaluating your project fitting our criteria and even before closing the deal, we will do our best to maximize the value for both parties through feedback, advise, introduction of potential business-partners to your ventures or venture capital investors who might become co-investors etc.
Entrepreneurs are welcome to submit the information about their projects by email to 


We make the news and answer questions, you make the story
We believe that there is very limited information that can be kept confidential for a long time these days. So, we feed media appetite with our views on the market, our deals or deals of other funds, performance of both sector and our portfolio projects.
We also welcome enquiries from public media. Our fund managers are available 24/7 at