About us

Run by serial entrepreneurs and experienced financial professionals, AVentures Capital is a leading early stage venture firm focused on growing businesses in Ukraine and CEE.
Via its in-house Corporate fund, AVentures has since 2000 successfully co-founded and financed more than ten companies with total revenues exceeding US$1B. The firm’s investment experience ranges across a variety of sectors, including retail, information technology, telecom, high tech, clean tech, real estate and others.
In 2012, AVentures launched a venture capital fund, to invest in web-related businesses in Ukraine and CEE.
The fund will focus on early stage companies in the following targeted technology categories: consumer internet, incl e-commerce, cloud services, mobile technology, payment systems, online gaming and social media.

Venture fund

Venture fund: Bridging the Gap
Created in 2012, AVentures Capital venture fund is an early stage venture capital fund. We aim to partner with strong teams of passionate entrepreneurs from Ukraine and CEE to build great technology and innovative businesses. Our team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs and experienced investors who have a blend of global and local experience.
Our mission is to bridge gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, in particular the spaces between:

  • Unleashed entrepreneurial talent and the lack of venture financing in the region;
  • Disruptive technologies developed locally and global markets with unmet demand;
  • Successful western business-models and underserved local markets.

Our investment philosophy is to provide added value equity financing, so-called “smart money”. We aim to maximize the number and quality of stakeholders in ventures, and, thus, are open to co-investment from established venture capital funds and actively look for co-investors once we become a lead investor.
Our Focus: Digital Economy
We are very optimistic about the future of the digital economy and do not strictly limit our investment focus to any particular segment. However, we have chosen to focus on the Web and the following targeted technology categories:

  • All segments of the booming consumer internet space (including e-commerce) and the B2B segment;
  • Software (including cloud related, SaaS, CRMs);
  • Gaming (social media or tablet/smartphone related);
  • Mobile technology;
  • Payment technologies;
  • Other social media-related ventures.

Though we will consider seed investments, our focus is Rounds A and B:

  • Round A – the first significant round of venture funding which is usually provided once a startup company has launches its products or services, acquired its first customers and generated month-on-month growth for some period of time;
  • Round B – a follow-up round of funding to allow the company to scale up operations once it has demonstrated a clear market fit and begun to validate its business-model.